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What is a SupaLite tiled conservatory roof?

Perhaps you’re considering replacing your conservatory roof and you’re weighing up the options. The question is; what exactly are SupaLite tiled roofs, and why should you choose one for your conservatory? Our home improvement experts have got everything you need to know about this high-tech roofing solution.

What is a SupaLite roof?

SupaLite roofs are lightweight tiled roofs, designed to be retrofitted onto existing conservatory window frames. They are an ideal upgrade from your existing polycarbonate or glass roof. Tested in a range of challenging climatic conditions, from the extreme cold of Canadian winters, to scorching Australian summers, SupaLite roofs have proven effective in even the most extreme conditions.

Featuring 150mm of insulation and a U-Value of 0.13, SupaLite produce some of the best insulated conservatory roofs on the market. The roof locks-in heat during winter and keeps your space cool in the summer, ensuring pleasant temperatures all-year-round. The results? A conservatory space that you can use 365 days a year.

SupaLite roofs are precision surveyed and custom-manufactured to fit your conservatory perfectly. They are available in a range of colours, styles and facias, ensuring the perfect match each and every time.

What are the benefits of a SupaLite roof?

Many homeowners complain that the cold renders their conservatories practically unusable during the winter months. Switching to an energy efficient SupaLite roof can help solve this problem; transforming your conservatory into a comfortable space that can be enjoyed 365 days a year. Enhanced insulation has a range of additional benefits, including significantly lowering your heating bills and reducing exterior noise from neighbours, adverse weather conditions and the local wildlife.

From a security perspective, SupaLite roofs are amongst the safest options on the market, as they are practically impossible to tamper with for would-be burglars. They also offer incredibly low maintenance, with no additional cleaning needed.

While SupaLite roofs are highly functional; they also look great. With bespoke fitting and a range of styles on offer, their premium look enhances the overall aesthetic of your property’s exterior. SupaLite roofs also include large vents to allow natural light to flood in, whilst ensuring excellent ventilation.

Why choose us?

At Tyneside Home Improvements, our experienced installation teams will ensure that your new roof is fitted to a high standard within just 3-4 days. We’ve been voted National SupaLite Installer of The Year for six years running; a testament to our top-quality customer service.

We also offer a handy price beat guarantee; so you can be sure that you won’t find a better deal anywhere else. You can rest assured that your conservatory roof will be enjoyed for years to come, with our 10-year guarantee on all components and an additional 50-year guarantee on SupaLite roof tiles.

So there you have it; SupaLite roofs are a high-tech conservatory roofing system, offering energy efficiency, security and value for money. Want to find out more about our SupaLite conservatory roofs? Get in touch with the friendly customer service team at Tyneside Home Improvements, who would be delighted to help with your query.

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