Top 3 Reasons To Extend Your Home

It’s a reality faced by many homeowners; suddenly your property just doesn’t feel spacious enough anymore. Perhaps you require an extra bedroom to accommodate a growing family, a personal office, or just additional space.

Many families in this position are choosing to extend their existing homes, instead of moving to a new house. Here are the top reasons why:

It can be highly cost-effective

Moving to a new house has the potential to be very expensive, especially once stamp duty, as well as estate agent and solicitor’s fees have been factored-in. Conversely, the upfront cost of an extension can often be recouped at the time of sale, yielding a considerable return on investment. For example, extending your home to accommodate an extra bedroom can enhance the resale value of your property by up to 11%. This potential profitability makes home extension a popular choice amongst homeowners craving a little extra space.

At Tyneside Home Improvements, we maximise your investment by offering you the best possible value for money; ensuring that a quality extension doesn’t break the bank. Our intelligent purchasing keeps costs low, allowing us to transfer these savings to our customers.

It can reduce disruption to family life

If you love your local area, then relocation might be far from ideal. Extending your home minimises disruption to everyday life, allowing you to continue to enjoy local schools, transport links and other amenities, whilst maximising your living space.

Get exactly what you need

Extensions can provide a personalised solution to your space problem. Whilst it can be difficult to find a new property which matches your exact requirements, an extension can be built to your personal specifications.

At Tyneside Home Improvements, we ensure that you get precisely the extension you need by guiding our consumers and consulting regularly throughout the design, planning and implementation process.

So, why get an extension?

Extending your home is a practical and economical way to acquire additional space. You can maximise your space, whilst avoiding many of the costs and frustrations associated with moving house.

At Tyneside Home Improvements, we’re experts in home extensions, with a team of experienced architects and building professionals. We would be delighted to help answer any queries you might have. Get in touch and start planning your dream extension today.

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