The benefits of French composite doors

What is a French composite door?

French composite doors consist of two units which are hinged to open from the middle; thus maximising access to the exterior of your home. They are available in numerous designs, often featuring decorative glass panelling, as well as a range of bold and classic colours. Our French doors are made from a blend of materials including PVC, wood and insulating foam, specially designed to offer strength, security and excellent insulation.

Why choose French composite doors?

Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of French composite doors:

Versatile and stylish designs are available

French doors offer a wealth of design opportunities. At Tyneside Home Improvements, we supply French composite doors in a range of designs and colours. Classic white designs with stunning glass panelling complement traditional and historic architecture, whilst doors in bold colours can add a burst of personality to more contemporary builds. No matter your taste and budget; it’s easy to find a French composite door which will look great in your home.

They maximise natural light

French doors often feature decorative glass panels. Not only does the glass create a luxurious finish, it also has the added benefit of flooding your home with natural light. The result? An airy space, primed for relaxation, with stunning views over the garden.

Make the most of outdoor spaces

You work hard for those lush lawns; so get out there and enjoy them! French doors are a popular choice amongst homeowners across the North East because they provide easy access to gardens, balconies and patios. Improving accessibility allows people to flow in and out easily; encouraging homeowners to make more out of key outdoor spaces.

Enhance your home’s security

If you are concerned about your property’s security, our French composite doors are a great choice. Not only are composite doors recognised for their strength, but all our doors are fitted with market-leading multi-lock points. Our French composite doors can help you to unwind; safe in the knowledge that your home and possessions are secure.

They are affordable

With a range of designs on offer, there’s a composite door to suit your style and budget preferences. Our competitive pricing and flexible financing options mean that installing luxurious French doors is more affordable than ever. Plus, we’re currently offering 50% off all our French doors; so it’s the perfect time to upgrade.

Want to find out more about our selection of French composite doors? Contact our dedicated customer service team, who would be delighted to help with your query.

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