Conservatory with SupaLite roof

How to keep your conservatory warm and cosy this winter

As the nights become darker and the mercury drops, many people vacate their conservatories until the onset of spring. However, with these small tweaks, you can transform your conservatory into a warm and welcoming space which can be enjoyed, whatever the weather:

  1. 1. Choose the right accessories

If you want to make your conservatory warm and toasty this winter, then it is well worth investing in some quality accessories. Warm throws, fluffy pillows and a space heater can all make your conservatory more comfortable during the colder weather.

Blinds and drapes can also go a long way to reducing heat loss through conservatory windows. Choose your window coverings depending on your style preferences. Whilst wooden blinds create a classic, elegant look, bamboo and aluminium alternatives can give your conservatory a stylish edge.

If you prefer curtains, then pastel shades reflect light and can give the impression of more space, whilst bold patterns will create a contemporary design statement.

  1. 2. Install a SupaLite tiled roof

If you’re serious about using your conservatory all-year-round, then investing in a SupaLite tiled roof is the ultimate way to make your conservatory comfortable, whatever the weather.

SupaLite roofs feature 1.5mm of insulation, locking-in the warmth during winter and ensuring cooler temperatures during the summer months. An added bonus of this additional insulation is that you can minimise heat loss through the roof and avoid sky-high heating bills.

Moreover, at Tyneside Home Improvements, we are currently offering 30% off the cost of your SupaLite roof; just in time for the festive period.

  1. 3. Consider your flooring

Although most of the heat loss from your conservatory occurs through the roof, the floor is also an area which allows heat to escape. Invest in a thick carpet, or accessorise with shaggy rugs, which will give your room an insulation boost and enhance its overall design.

Stay warm this winter

Your conservatory is an extension of your home. Whether you use it as an entertaining area, living room, or a playroom; there’s no reason why the start of winter should make it off-limits. By accessorising intelligently and considering a roof with better insulation, you can enjoy your conservatory come rain or shine.

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