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5 reasons to invest in Composite Doors

Composite doors are becoming a popular choice amongst homeowners, due to their sophisticated security features and the range of designs available. Their unique construction and design brings with it a range of benefits that make a composite door the perfect addition to your home.

Here are some of our top reasons why we think upgrading to composite doors is the right choice:

Enjoy a warmer home

Composite doors have a strong multi-layered structure, made from a blend of materials including UPVC, wood and insulating foam. This unique combination of materials brings strength, alongside thermal insulation and efficiency. A composite door will help keep your home warm during the freezing long winter months and ensures there are no extreme temperature fluctuations once the cold weather arrives.

Cut heating bills

Installing new composite doors improves the energy efficiency of your house to help you keep your home cosy and comfortable and trapping the warmth inside. Choosing a composite door will have a positive impact on your budget, evidently cutting down on those pesky heating bills during the winter months.

Reduce noise from outside

The insulation provided by composite doors has the added benefit of keeping out street noise to let you enjoy the peace and quiet in your home. Composite doors are an ideal choice to keep all the noise away, if your home is situated near a busy area or a main road. 

Transform the exterior of your home

Our composite doors offer style, as well as practicality. You can choose between a range of different styles, designs and glazing options, depending on your individual tastes and requirements, ensuring it perfectly matches your home and your design preferences.

Purple Composite Door by Tyneside Home Improvements

Improve your home security

The enhanced security of a composite door is one of the major benefits and the reason why it’s such a popular choice. Our composite doors feature a sophisticated multi-point market leading locking system that keeps your family and possessions safe from intruders to give you a peace of mind.

Here at Tyneside Home Improvements we stock a wide range of composite doors which can suit any style of home. 

From safety, to style; there are many reasons to opt for a composite door. Now with up to 50% off all windows and doors, speak to our expert home improvement team to find out more, or contact us for your free quote.

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