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5 Of The Best Garage Conversion Ideas For Your Home

Is your garage full of forgotten fitness equipment, old furniture and random bric-a-brac that’s just gathering dust? Converting your garage can be a cost-effective way to extend your property and obtain an additional room for family, work and leisure time. You can reclaim a redundant space and extend your property, without incurring the costs associated with building an extension or moving to a new home.

Feeling inspired? Here are some of our top uses for a garage conversion:

1) A Bedroom

Converting your garage in to an extra bedroom will provide plenty of additional space to accommodate guests, or a growing family. Make the most out of your exterior-facing walls and install large windows to create a light, airy feel.

2) A Children’s Playroom

If your living room has been taken over by toys, then consider creating a dedicated children’s play area. Furnish the space with sturdy cupboards and plenty of storage boxes for tidying away toys. Low tables and child-size chairs also create a comfortable environment for colouring and homework. Playrooms offer a chance to let your imagination run wild; so accessorise with plenty of colourful wall art and playful rugs.

3) A Personal Office

If you run your own business, or frequently work from home, then you’ll know that stacks of paper and other work-related clutter can quickly take over your house. Creating your own personal office could help you reclaim your living space and create a healthier work-life balance.

When converting your garage in to a home office, choose large, airy windows to let in plenty of natural light. Other must-haves include a comfortable chair and large, accommodating desk, with plenty of storage. Personalise your office with statement prints, framed photographs and leafy plants.

4) An Extra Bathroom

If you’re constantly queuing to use the shower, then consider converting your garage in to a spacious bathroom. Take advantage of the extra space by installing an elegant roll-top bath and accessorise with plants, shaggy rugs and wall art.

5) A Spacious Living Room

Whether you intend on knocking-through to create an open-plan area, or prefer a self-contained living room; a garage conversion can help give you more leisure space to enjoy with family and friends.
Garage conversions are incredibly versatile; whatever your requirements, we can design and build the right space for you and your family.

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