When should you replace your windows?

So long as you can see out of them your windows are fine, right? Well despite windows lasting an average of 20 years or more, they do eventually require replacement. Don’t worry if you don’t have a date for when your panes were installed; in many cases there are warning signs that your windows are not performing as efficiently as they should be and require an update. Check out our guide on what to look for to decide if your windows are approaching their retirement:

They show signs of warping

Warping is often the effect of many years of wear and tear on a frame and it will show itself in several ways; from windows that constantly look foggy to difficulty opening and closing the windows to a draft that always seem to originate itself in that direction. Luckily this is found less in modern uPVC windows and updating to fix the problem can sometimes even mean you can keep the original glass and simply swap out a new pane – particularly handy if you have a decorated pane you adore, or a lot to replace all at once.

They are not energy efficient

While modern double and triple glazing windows are designed to ensure that heat is trapped in the home, any older windows will allow heat to seep out; having a significant impact on both your energy bills and your comfort levels. Investing in an upgrade to double or triple-glazed windows can help to not only reduce average heating bills by as much as 25% but can also help keep your home cool in summer, and even add value to your property, helping future sale options.

They no longer match your home

Of course, repairs aren’t the only reason you may want to upgrade your windows. Say, for instance, you’ve upgraded the pebble-dashing to a sleek and smooth finish, the front door has had a makeover and even the drainpipe has had a lick of paint; however, there is one crucial element you may have overlooked, the window frames.

If your frames no longer match the style of your home it’s time for an upgrade; from retro panelling to big, bold panes there are designs to suit every taste, and working with a professional and expert design team can ensure you get the look you’re striving for.

Whether your current windows are falling into disrepair, failing to protect you from the elements and the rising bills, or simply no longer match the exterior look of your home, it is a great time to get in contact with the professional and friendly team at Tyneside Home Improvements to discuss our great range of options for windows.

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on May 10, 2018 9:54:01 AM