Get your home ready for the summer – 3 reasons to choose artificial grass

With World Cup excitement reaching fever-pitch, plenty of people are busy planning barbeques, attending parties and more with friends and family. While hosting these get togethers can be fun, preparing for them can prove a hassle, especially making sure the lawn is presentable! 

Luckily help is at hand with Tyneside Home Improvements range of artificial grass options. There are plenty of reasons to swap your real grass for an artificial substitute, here are our top three: 

Easy to clean-up after friends, family and pets 

Whether it’s that accidental knock that sent a plate of party food flying, or the dog who insists on doing his business on the lawn, keeping your grass clean and green can be a challenge. Artificial grass is easier to clean than the traditional variety as no soil is required underfoot. Our fake grass is permeable too, meaning liquids will easily slide off.  

This makes our artificial grass as easy to clean as any floor surface in your home; although don’t attempt to use the traditional home hoover on the grass, as strong suction could wind up damaging the turf.  

No more wasted weekends cutting the grass

Let’s face it, whether you simply give your lawn the once over with a mower or go around your garden with a pair of scissor and a ruler ensuring every blade is uniform, keeping your grass in check is timely, boring, exhausting work. We would all prefer to be doing something better with our time, but it is a necessary part of ensuring your grass is habitable – unless of course, you decide to fake it. 

Fake or artificial grass will stay one perfect length all year round, no matter how long you leave it. This not only ensures your lawn will always look great but ensures no more trudging up and down to create perfect lines or having to replant the grass seed to cover any patches.  

Perfect looking garden all-year round 

We’ve all been there, hours spent throughout the year maintaining your grass; getting it perfect for the sake of a few weeks of summer entertaining, before the whole process needs to start again. With artificial grass all of the planning and maintaining becomes a thing of the past. Your garden looks green, fresh and inviting all year round. 

Our high-grade polymer yarn lawn means no green fingers are required for a great result that lasts year after year, in fact it is designed to last at least 10 years with our quality guarantee.   

Available in a range of colours and styles, artificial grass can endure all weathers and any mess you can throw at it. Your new lawn will look great filling any space, no matter how small; transforming difficult to manage or abandoned space into an area you’ll love spending time in.  

Our friendly and professional staff will also be on hand to guide you every step of the way, with helpful advice and quick and efficient service.  

To get your summer off to a great start, why not find out more about Tyneside Home Improvement’s artificial grass options by clicking here.

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Posted by Tyneside Home Improvements
on Jun 15, 2018 3:01:43 PM